• 28/05/2024 20:05

A scandal arose in the Kremlin: a source said that they found it “close to Putin”

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A scandal has broken out within the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, which is flaring up against the backdrop of the discovery of a listening device in the heart of the Kremlin.

This information was reported by Donpress, citing a source of the “Kremlin snuffbox” in the power structures of the Russian Federation, reports URA-Inform.

Referring to authoritative sources, the publication draws attention to the planned personnel inspection FSO, responsible for the security of the Presidential Administration, using a polygraph.

This high-profile step was taken in response to the sudden discovery of an illegal wiretapping device.

A Saturday examination at the Presidential Administration reportedly revealed the presence components of the listening mechanism, sharply raising questions about the safety and reliability of the protection of the most senior officials.

All Sunday afternoon, the Kremlin building was covered by intensive inspection measures in order to identify additional hidden listening devices. Despite all efforts, identifying the conspirator remains a task that has not yet been solved.

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