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What did the wines of Ancient Rome taste like?

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What Ancient Rome's Wines Taste Like: Researchers previously claimed that the wine, a legacy of the ancient Romans, was so different from modern wines that modern people probably wouldn't drink it, but the latest findings challenge the dogma.

< p>This information was reported by the Antiquity resource, reports URA-Inform.

How is everything happening?

Experts have discovered that using clay vessels to ferment wine, as is currently practiced, can lead to the creation of drinks that can rival the finest wines of our time. The mystery of Roman doli, clay vessels that Roman winemakers used in the process of creating wine, remained unsolved for a long time. However, recent studies have shed light on their role in shaping the quality and taste characteristics of wines.


A comparative study of Roman dolias with Georgian qvevri, similar clay vessels used in modern winemaking have revealed surprising similarities as a result of the fermentation process. Analysis of the composition of the wines showed that both methods produced drinks with a rich aroma and unique taste.

How do modern drinks differ from ancient ones?

A distinctive feature of clay vessels is their porous structure, which allows air to penetrate inside, promoting more efficient fermentation. In addition, scientists note that such vessels contributed to the emergence of special flora yeasts that regulate the fermentation process and enrich the wine with unique aromatic characteristics.

These discoveries open a new page in the history of winemaking, emphasizing the value of comparing ancient and modern methods of wine production . They inspire modern winemakers to experiment with traditional methods, reviving them in a modern context and creating unique and high-quality drinks, thereby preserving the spirit of winemaking culture and tradition. Thus, thanks to the above, what the wines of Ancient Rome tasted like is revealed.

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