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Summer offensive of the Russian army: the expert named which cities the Russians want to capture

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According to Ukrainian military intelligence, the summer offensive of the Russian occupation army in the Donetsk region will concentrate on two directions.

< p>This information was reported by Uatv.ua, reports URA-Inform.  

Namely, the Russian army will try to develop its offensive in two main directions in the Donetsk region: towards Konstantinovka – Kramatorsk and towards Pokrovsk.

At the moment, fierce battles are taking place near Chasovoy Yar. Military expert Sergei Grabsky noted that the Russian army considers the capture of this city to be the starting point of the movement to Konstantinovka and Kramatorsk.

«Then they are going to continue active military operations precisely against the Konstantinovka-Kramatorsk direction, because this is a communication line that allows us to provide for our troops. A strike on the flank of this communication, the destruction of the rock direction could create serious operational difficulties for our troops defending in the south,” Grabsky emphasized.

At the same time, the expert emphasizes that the Russians’ attack on Pokrovsk will create a threat to the Ugledarsky speech.

“A further breakthrough to the west of Avdeevka in the direction of Pokrovsk has the task of creating an overhang already over the Ugledarsky offensive, which is critically important for us,” he explained.

However, how effective will they be? the actions of the Russian Federation and the defense of Ukraine depend on many components. According to Grabsky, the Russians have now already restructured their efforts specifically to accomplish these tasks.

«Time will tell how effective they will be. The pace of providing and saturating us with the appropriate amount of weapons, military equipment and, of course, personnel will show. We are talking about mobilization, we are talking about the replacement and rotation of our units conducting combat operations. About replenishing the human losses that Ukraine is experiencing and maintaining the positions we occupy today,” said Sergei Grabsky.

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