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A Ukrainian sued the Russian Federation because of the war: was it possible to win the case?

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A resident of Khmelnitsky filed a lawsuit against Russia because he could not sleep properly due to constant air anxiety, which negatively affected his relationships with people.

This information was reported by Reyestr, reports URA-Inform.  

Initially, the man demanded  from the aggressor country 1.2 million hryvnia in moral damages for armed aggression against Ukraine. In the statement, the man indicated that his contemplation of destroyed buildings in Khmelnitsky causes him additional discomfort.

The plaintiff also noted that the war violated his rights and caused him moral suffering. He stated that the daily stress of air raids and long periods of time spent in shelter negatively affect his psyche.

In particular, he cannot sleep properly due to the fear of sirens, and psychological negativity has accelerated the process of his aging, and destroyed buildings bring him additional discomfort.

At first, the Khmelnytsky City District Court rejected the man’s claim, however, he filed an appeal, asking to find out all the circumstances of the case in full. As a result, the court ruled that Russia must pay him compensation of 200 thousand hryvnia for the suffering caused by the war.

However, this money still needs to be recovered from the Russian Federation.

We recall that it was previously reported that ex -the head of the Pentagon named Russia's next goal: Panetta's statement.

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