• 24/06/2024 13:20

Elena Kravets admitted what Zelensky calls her: “My nickname is this”

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This information was reported by TSN, reports «URA-Inform«.  

Elena Kravets, godmother of Elena Zelenskaya and a close friend of the family of the Ukrainian President, admitted that she had not met them in person for a long time, although earlier her eldest daughter Maria grew up with the Zelenskys’ daughter, Alexandra.

In particular, Elena Zelenskaya confirmed that she actively follows Vladimir’s activities and often thinks about him and Elena. The long separation does not leave a friend of the Zelensky family indifferent, who really misses her friends and the times they spent together earlier.

Kravets, also known by her maiden name Malyashenko, admitted that she often imagines how it will be go through their meeting after the victory:

«I miss, I really miss both the past and their family and often imagine how we will meet after victory. It seems to me that I will hug him for a very long time. He will already be, well, Mal, that’s my nickname, okay, that’s enough. I will hug him first, then Elena. I feel like I just won't let him go. “There have been a lot of hugs,” Kravets summed up.

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