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General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine named the ideal age for mobilization: what Zelensky called for

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This information was reported by Krivonos , reports URA-Inform.  

Reserve Major General of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Sergei Krivonos said that the best warriors are men aged 18 to 25 years, because they are young and motivated. He emphasized that now in Ukraine it is necessary to lower the mobilization age.

 «President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky must decide to lower the age limit regarding conscription. Because, be that as it may, the best warriors are from 18 to 25,” he said.

Krivonos emphasized that as of now, the average age of the Ukrainian military is from 38 up to 50 years old. However, the ability to withstand physical activity in a 40-year-old is significantly less than in a 25-year-old.

At the same time, the general noted that the issue is not the experience of the military, but their training. According to him, if a person is taught correctly, he can achieve results, but physiology is difficult to “deceive.” In addition, 22-25 year old men recover faster than 40 year old men.

«We need to look at these things realistically if we want survive as a state. We will be forced to do this,” he added.

Let us recall that it was previously reported that in Latvia, conscription into the army was carried out in a unique way: how the selection process took place.

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