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A northern cyclone is moving towards Ukraine: when and where to expect bad weather

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Natalya Didenko reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 25, Ukraine will be covered by a new cyclone from the north. Forecaster Natalya Didenko warned that sleet and rain, as well as gusty winds, are expected almost throughout the entire territory.

The situation on the roads will become more complicated: it will be slippery, wet, puddles may be covered with a thin layer of ice. The forecaster noted that the feeling of uncomfortable weather will be intensified by gusty western and southwestern winds, which can sometimes reach 15-18 meters per second.

According to Didenko’s forecast, the air temperature at night and during the day will be in the range of about zero. Traditionally, it will be warmer during the day in the south of the country up to +2…7 degrees, slight cold is expected in the eastern regions from -3  to — 6 degrees.

In Kyiv on January 25, rain and sleet are expected, poor visibility on the roads, gusty westerly winds, around zero at night, +1…3 degrees tomorrow afternoon.

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