• 24/04/2024 14:04

The Russian Federation is preparing for a more massive attack on Ukraine: Svitan announced the likely date of the attack

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This information was reported by Tsn, reports URA-Inform.  

Military expert and reserve colonel Roman Svitan said that next time the Russians could use about 100 missiles to strike Ukraine. He believes this could happen closer to the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion.

“On January 23, the enemy used up to 50 missiles to attack Ukraine. This is a medium attack. They could cook it for about 5-7 days. The fact that they prepared this attack for two weeks, and not a week — this happened because we shot down an A-50 plane. The Russians needed time to reconfigure and clarify routes for another similar aircraft. They can carry out small attacks, when several missiles are used, at least every day, but large massive attacks, such as the one that took place during the New Year holidays, using hundreds of missiles — once a month and a half. That is, closer to February 23-24, they will be preparing a massive attack, — Svitan explained.

The expert also added that when the Russians carry out a massive attack using about a hundred missiles, they are pursuing more of an informational goal. They want to report that hundreds of missiles hit Ukraine.

We recall that it was previously reported that Fico made a cynical statement on the day of the missile attack on Kyiv: “There is no war there and in general everything is fine.”

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