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How many Patriots are needed to completely cover the sky over Ukraine: Zelensky named the number for the first time

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke for the first time about how many Patiot systems are needed to completely close Ukraine.

This information was reported by 24tv, URA-Inform reports.

The President noted that now to fully protect the sky from air attacks from an aggressor country, Ukraine needs 25 Patriot systems.

&#171 ;I won’t tell you how many Patriot systems we have, I can tell you, in order to close Ukraine completely for the future, it is advisable for Ukraine to have 25 Patriot systems with 6-8 batteries in each», — Zelensky said.

The Guarantor emphasized that all Ukrainian partners know about this, and “even know the points where the corresponding systems should be located.” At the same time, according to Zelensky, analogues of Patriot are also suitable for protecting the skies of our country.

«Yes, it looks like a large number, but the territory of Ukraine is very large. Therefore, in order to completely cover our state, even the same regions where it does not fly or almost arrives, if this is the question, to completely cover our state, we need in the current air defense structure of Ukraine with all those other systems that we have 25 Patriot», — systems added the president.

We recall that it was previously reported whether Ukraine would agree to help from the United States on credit: Zelensky gave a clear answer.

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