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How the Russian Federation is trying to hide its planes from attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces: an explanation from British intelligence

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The troops of the aggressor country of the Russian Federation are now actively trying to hide their aircraft at air bases and are using a number of methods of bait and deception.

This information was reported by British intelligence, URA-Inform reports.  

In particular, the enemy is drawing mock-ups of fighter jets in order to confuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the Kirovsk airfield in occupied Crimea, mock-ups of Russian fighter jets are painted on concrete.

«Such drawings have also been seen at at least 12 other Russian air bases, which demonstrates the level of Russian concern about future Ukrainian attacks and the ability to repel them», — the message says.

Intelligence officers noted that the Russians are introducing such camouflage methods after the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a series of successful attacks on military targets of the aggressor country.

At the same time, According to British intelligence, Russian helicopters still regularly land on the painted silhouettes of fighter jets and thereby completely undermine their own attempt at deception.

«This is also reveals the real order of battle or the number of aircraft at these air bases, which Russia is likely trying to hide from Ukrainian intelligence», — added British intelligence officers.

We recall that it was previously reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces set an absolute record: the expert said that the Russian Federation was losing it very quickly in March.

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