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Scientists spoke about the main mystery of cats that humanity cannot solve

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Animals, especially domestic cats, have always been the subject of study for scientists, and despite the long history of coexistence between humans and cats, many aspects of feline anatomy and behavior still remain a mystery. One of these mysterious aspects is the presence of a so-called “flaccid abdomen” or primary pouch in many cats.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Inverse.

This leathery pocket is located in the lower abdomen and moves when the cat runs. It is an extra layer of skin that is filled with fat. This anatomical feature, characteristic not only of domestic cats, but also of large wild cats, remains the subject of research by scientists.

One of the theories about this mysterious “bag” is its evolutionary origin. It is speculated that the primordial pouch may have arisen as a result of a genetic mutation, which was then passed down from generation to generation due to its usefulness for survival.

There are several speculations about the possible functions of this pouch. It can serve as protection for internal organs during collisions or hunting, provide additional flexibility and allow the cat to stretch further when running, and also serve as a reserve of fat in case of an unsuccessful hunt.

However, despite numerous studies, scientists have not yet managed to finally solve the mystery of the “bag” under the seals’ belly. It is important to note that the presence of this anatomical feature is a sign of the health of the animal, and not of pathology or obesity.

Recall that an object that actually exists was discovered in a painting by Leonardo da Vinci (photo).

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