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How Ukrainians see the end of the war, and who will win the elections: survey data has appeared

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The NGO “Advanced Legal Initiatives” conducted a sociological study of the public sentiments of Ukrainians.

This information was reported by a survey of the NGO “Advanced Legal Initiatives,” URA-Inform reports.  

The survey was conducted both in Ukraine and abroad on March 22-24, 2024. The sample consisted of 5 thousand Ukrainians.

So, according to him, the majority of Ukrainians, 61.2%, believe that Ukraine should fight until complete victory, restoration of the 1991 borders, entry into the EU and NATO. Peace negotiations with the Russian Federation and a bilateral ceasefire are supported by 38.8%.

Ukrainians see the biggest problem with the government as the level of corruption (28.6%), poor provision of the army (16.8%), insufficient preparation for war (15.2%), imperfect economic policy (10.5%) and leaving much to be desired social state policy (10.5%).

Also, the majority of Ukrainians, namely 77.6%, opposed the adoption of the existing bill on mobilization in the second reading. The majority of Ukrainians believe that trained security forces should serve.

Among the surveyed citizens who have made up their minds and would come to the polling stations to vote for the President of Ukraine, the top three preferences are as follows:

— 15.7% would vote for Vladimir Zelensky;

— for Yulia Tymoshenko – 12.3%; for Petro Poroshenko – 7.6%.

Similar preferences of Ukrainians regarding political parties. So, if the elections were held on Sunday, the majority of Ukrainians would support 3 political forces:

— “Servant of the People” — 14.7%;

— “Batkivshina” — 11.9%;

— “European Solidarity” – 9.2%.

Almost 85% of Ukrainians believe that there is a way out of the difficult situation and this is the unification of society, the creation of the “Coalition of National Unity” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the “Government of National Unity” ( complete unification of parliamentary parties).

We recall that it was previously reported what is happening with the Ukrainian energy system: Shmygal spoke about the difficult situation.

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