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In Lithuania they called the “formula for victory” over the Russian Federation: statement by the head of government

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The head of the Lithuanian government, Ingrida Simonyte, called on Western countries not to be afraid of the defeat of the Russian Federation.

This information was reported Delfi, reports URA-Inform.  

At the same time, she added that Ukraine  needs to help defeat the aggressor.

«The formula for victory over an aggressor is quite clear: peace through strength. If we mobilize our efforts and begin to believe in victory, we will be able to ensure peace in Europe, which will finally reign», — said Simonyte.

She pointed to the fact that the combined GDP of the Nordic and Baltic countries is higher than that of Russia. And this does not take into account all 32 NATO and G7 member countries.

«The result of the Russian war against Ukraine will shape not only the Euro-Atlantic, but also the global security order. Democracies will not be safe in a world where a country with imperialist ambitions threatens its neighbors; where the mass atrocities of war go unpunished; where «Russian world» continues or freezes the genocidal war on its own terms», — said the head of the Lithuanian government.

Šimonytė also said that the success of the Washington summit in the summer of 2024 will be measured by NATO’s commitment to bring Ukraine closer to the Alliance.

«Ukraine needs NATO, just as NATO needs Ukraine. Future membership of Ukraine will significantly strengthen the military capabilities of the Alliance, since the Ukrainian Armed Forces are capable of resisting a full-scale Russian invasion», — she emphasized.

According to Simonyte, freezing the steps that were taken during the NATO summit in Vilnius last year, where Ukraine did not receive an invitation to the Alliance, should not be considered as a possible option.

We recall that it was previously reported that the West can stop the war in Ukraine: an expert said that this could happen in the summer.

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