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In Odessa, on the day of mourning, they staged “dances”: scandalous videos spread on social networks

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In Odessa, on a day of sad mourning, when the hearts of the townspeople are still heavily burdened with loss and painful awareness of loss, nightclubs are shrouded in dim light and music that someone else is capable of dancing and singing.

This information was reported by the telegram news service of Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.

It is worth noting that this contrast creates a unique picture: while some come together to express grief and respect for the 12 innocent souls whose lives were brutally cut short by a kamikaze drone attack targeted by the Russian army, others still find the strength to break away from pain and dance to the pulsating music.

However, it is unknown whether a fine will be imposed on the above-mentioned establishments. However, many social network users were outraged by either the indifference or cowardice of other Odessa residents who did not share the losses of their compatriots. The videos can be viewed at this link.

As previously reported, Medvedev said that Germany could start a war with the Russian Federation: “Don’t feed us bread, let us play at war.”

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