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In Ukraine, police have figured out how to fine drivers who have not violated anything: details

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In Lviv, the Eighth Court of Appeal decided to cancel the fine imposed on the driver, who was fined by the police for dirty license plates signs.

This information was reported by “Your Machine”, reports “URA-Inform”.  

The story, which ended up being analyzed in court, revealed the “scheme” used by law enforcement officers to frame car owners.

In particular, last fall, patrol officers stopped the driver, citing dirty license plates, and issued a fine of 1190 hryvnia. However, during the trial it became clear that at that moment the weather was unfavorable, and the driver could not see that the snow was stuck to his license plates.

Edition «Your car» reports that during the consideration of the case, the court found out that patrol officers specially stopped vehicles with dirty license plates in bad weather conditions to «increase statistics on administrative offenses». This fact was confirmed by recordings from the inspectors’ body cameras.

As a result of the consideration of the case, the driver’s fine was canceled and his case was closed.

We recall that it was previously reported that a Ukrainian sued the Russian Federation due to for wars: was it possible to win the court case.

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