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Is it necessary to go to the TCC after May 18, if the data has already been updated: answer from a military man

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After May 18, when the new law on mobilization comes into force, those liable for military service must arrive at the territorial recruitment centers to clarify their data.

This information was reported by Unian, reports URA-Inform.  

The head of the public relations service of the Poltava Regional Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support, Roman Istomin, noted that citizens who have done this before do not need to come to the military registration and enlistment office.

“If a citizen wants to clarify his data according to the law, he can do this after the law comes into force. But no one forbids you to apply now. Because data update — this is the duty of every person liable for military service», — he explained.

Istomin noted that if a citizen of Ukraine liable for military service does this now, then the territorial recruitment center will already have his updated data. Therefore, there is no need to appear at the military registration and enlistment office after May 18.

“There is a law of Ukraine on unified state register of persons liable for military service. There is a list of personal data. If a citizen has updated all the data that is there, and nothing has changed, this could be data even for 2022, but it is relevant, then it does not need updating», — noted the head of the Poltava TsK.

We recall that it was previously reported by Moseychuk about the end of the toy period: “The SBU will knock on everyone’s door.”


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