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Is it possible to get a deferment from mobilization by paying a large sum: the authorities have had their say

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This information was announced by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Financial Committee, Daniil Getmantsev, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine , reports URA-Inform.

Getmantsev emphasized that a high level of income and, accordingly, large tax obligations not only depend on a person’s professional qualities, but are also a consequence of the existing situation in the labor market, where the number of vacancies is much smaller than the number of people willing to find a job.

He also noted that salaries in areas close to the front, for obvious reasons, are lower than in the interior of the country. That is why the chairman of the finance committee expressed concern that proposals for exemption from mobilization on the basis of financial status could discredit the mobilization process, violating the principle of equitable distribution of the burden of military efforts.

Such ideas, in his opinion, discriminate on several grounds, including profession, place of residence, military training and property status, which contradicts the basic principles of justice in a military conflict.

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