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NASA scientists discovered alien DNA on Earth

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NASA scientists have discovered alien DNA on Earth: the existence of extraterrestrial life can now be considered a scientifically proven fact.

This information was reported by Dailystar, URA-Inform reports.  

For many years, scientists around the world have been looking for evidence of life beyond the Earth, and thanks to recent research, we can safely say that the assumption of the habitability of the Universe is not unfounded.

NASA scientists confirmed this hypothesis by studying the composition of meteorite debris and space debris. The found stones contain DNA nucleotide bases – adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine and uracil, without which life on Earth is impossible. These key components confirm the presence of life in our galaxy, not limited only to Earth.

This had previously been undetected, despite centuries of meteorites falling on Earth. Only recently at Hokkaido University in Japan have they developed a technique for extracting chemical compounds from meteorite dust, allowing for a complete analysis of these substances. Researchers claim that the new technique makes it possible to study the composition of space objects in more detail.

According to NASA's Daniel Glavin, the study confirmed the presence of all the basic components of DNA and RNA in meteorites, which is an important step in understanding the possible origin of life on Earth through cosmic processes.

In addition, the researchers reject the idea that that organic materials may have become part of the meteorites after they fell to Earth, since analysis of the surrounding soil did not detect similar isomers.

This indicates that the nucleotides may have arrived on Earth from space, supporting the theory of panspermia, which suggests that life can be transferred between planets through outer space.

Such discoveries have a significant impact on understanding the possibility of the existence of life in other parts of the Universe, as well as on the development of scientific research about the origin of life on Earth.

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