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NATO convenes a military committee: it became known what will happen on May 16

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The North Atlantic Alliance appoints a military committee for May 16, and one of the important items on the agenda will be a session in the format of the Ukraine-NATO Council , as reported by the press service of the Alliance.

This information was reported by the telegram channel “Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine”, reports “URA-Inform”.

«The first meeting of the commanders-in-chief will be held in the format of the Ukraine-NATO Council to discuss Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, the current situation on the ground and further steps to support for Ukraine from NATO and its members», — the message says.

This event opens the door for constructive dialogue and exchange of views between the military leaders of NATO and Ukraine. As tensions in the state continue to escalate, it is important to strengthen coordination and support from the international community.

The session is expected to discuss not only security issues, but also issues of humanitarian assistance and response to humanitarian crises in connection with military actions.

The Ukraine-NATO Council is a key mechanism for coordinating actions and discussing joint initiatives. It allows the parties to discuss strategic plans and develop measures to strengthen security and stability.

Recall that the Russian Armed Forces have new goals in Ukraine: the media warned which objects are in danger.

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