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Popular solar eclipse myth busted

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The popular myth about the solar eclipse has been destroyed: on April 8, a total solar eclipse brought a real show for millions of people, covering 15 US states.

This information was reported by NASA, URA-Inform reports.

This event, traditionally associated with myths and legends, not only aroused interest among lovers of mysticism, but also attracted the attention of the scientific community. And although some conspiracy theorists predicted that the eclipse would be a sign of the end of the world, scientists have dispelled these myths.

The main myth

One common assumption about eclipses is that they produce special rays that can cause blindness. But that's not true. The Moon has been slowly moving away from the Earth for billions of years, and right now it is in the perfect position for a total eclipse of the Sun. However, in the future, the position of the Moon will change, and we will no longer be able to observe such eclipses.

What is happening?

During a total solar eclipse, when the Moon completely covers the Sun, its corona emits only electromagnetic radiation, sometimes with a greenish tint, NASA said in its April 8 eclipse blog. Coronal radiation has been studied by scientists for centuries and does not pose a threat to vision.

Is everything so clear?

Although a total eclipse does not produce harmful light, it does have a short-term effect on the area it passes through. This can cause a sharp drop in temperature, stopping clouds and even dispersing them in the sky.

It is important to remember that observing a solar eclipse without special protective glasses can only be observed for a short period of time when the Sun is completely obscured by the Moon, to avoid possible retinal damage. Thus, the popular myth about the solar eclipse is destroyed.

Why does an eclipse occur?

Solar eclipse — it is the result of a perfect alignment of three celestial bodies: the Sun, Moon and Earth. When the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, it blocks the light of the Sun and creates an eclipse. This process occurs because the Moon is exactly the same size as the Sun, and its orbit is tilted so that it occasionally crosses the path of the Sun and Earth. As a result of this perfect alignment, the light of the Sun stops reaching the surface of the Earth for some time, shrouding everything around in a mysterious twilight.

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