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How to understand that you will live to be 100 years old: 5 indicators named

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Scientists have named five signs that a person will live to be 100 years old.

This information was reported Рixelinform, reports URA-Inform.  

A number of scientific studies have shown that there are things that can help a person live up to 100 years. Basically, everything depends on genes, but lifestyle also plays a role.

Iron levels in the blood

Experts noted that in order to live up to 100 years of age, it is important to maintain normal levels of iron in the blood, since excess of this element can shorten life expectancy.

If Fe levels are normal, then the aging process slows down, and, according to scientific minds, in old age people have fewer diseases. Therefore, avoiding excessive consumption of red meat, which is rich in iron, plays a role in maintaining health and longevity.

Factor of heredity

In 2015, American and Italian scientists discovered 4 longevity genes in people over 90 and over 100 years old. And in 2019, an international group of researchers already recorded 12 genome regions associated with life expectancy. Basically, these were areas where a tendency to cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and diseases arising from smoking is formed.

That is, if relatives  had people with such diseases, then a person has the greatest risk of “catching” them. But genes that are supposed to be associated with malignant tumors that are not related to smoking do not have a significant effect on life expectancy.

Human gender

Experts note that men are more vulnerable due to the effects of testosterone, which can have a negative impact on the functioning of the immune system. While estrogen, the female sex hormone, on the contrary, has an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps maintain health and increase life expectancy.


Researchers from the United States have concluded that a person’s worldview influences his life expectancy. According to an experiment in which 1,500 men and 70,000 women participated, optimists, on average, live 11% — 15% longer.

Doctors explain this by the fact that people with an optimistic outlook on life are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Optimists generally adhere to a healthy lifestyle, which also affects their longevity.

In addition, self-confidence gives optimists additional years of life. This confidence helps them to cope emotionally with difficult situations and recover faster from stressful situations.


Scientists believe that if a person has a genetic predisposition to higher level of education, then he has every chance of living up to 100 years.

Having analyzed information about approximately 200,000 European residents, the researchers made an interesting conclusion: the higher the thirst for knowledge, the longer a person will live.

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