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Putin expressed readiness to start negotiations: it became known what exactly the Russian President said

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At a meeting with the unrecognized head of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin emphasized Russia’s readiness for negotiations on Ukraine.

This information was reported by the telegram channel “Politics of the Country”, citing Russian media, reports URA-Inform.

However, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the holding of a conference in Switzerland, organized by Ukraine without the participation of the Russian Federation . Putin noted that Russia was not invited to this conference, and its participation is considered to be of no importance.

“Nevertheless, they say that without Russia it is impossible to make decisions. And when Russia refuses to participate, it is accused of not wanting to negotiate,” — said the dictator.

This contradictory situation displeases Putin, who considers such scenarios frivolous and far from reality.

In conclusion, Putin emphasized that Russia supports the initiative for negotiations in Ukraine, however, it must be carried out in a constructive format that excludes the imposition of absurd schemes.

Recall that the United States gave a disappointing forecast for the war in Ukraine: the US general said that there would be.

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