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The heat makes people stupid: scientists have come to sad conclusions

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It turned out that the heat of the sun reduces the efficiency of the human brain and increases the tendency to commit crimes, and scientists from the USA came to such conclusions, reports the portal of the University of Washington.

This information is presented by the above-mentioned source, reports URA-Inform “.

The link between high temperatures and antisocial behavior has long attracted the attention of researchers. Psychologists and other experts have studied the relationship between hot weather and rates of domestic violence, assaults and hospitalizations due to overdoses and suicide attempts.

Scientists from Washington State University and the University of Chicago sought to understand how heat affects mood and mental health. human health.

«To be fair, there isn't a lot of research on this issue, and most of the work has been done in laboratory settings where participants perform cognitive tasks. I was interested in studying this problem with a diverse and representative sample of people in a real-world environment, taking into account numerous details», — shares the study's lead author, psychologist Kimberly Meidenbauer.

The team conducted a survey in the Greater Chicago metropolitan area from May to September, analyzing census data to learn about household income and the availability of green space and parks nearby. , as well as the «urban heat island» effect, collected directly from the participants.

Meidenbauer said the number of people admitting to impulsive behavior during heat waves is alarming.

«The idea is that if you are more impulsive, you are likely to engage in risky behavior, including substance abuse and self-harm. Even after the heat gives way to cool, the impulsivity seems to persist for a while, which is a problem», — notes the psychologist.

Scientists believe that heat affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for planning, self-control and emotional functions. Heat also interferes with many psychotropic drugs used to treat mental disorders, which can be a risk factor for self-harm, Meidenbauer adds.  In addition, some forms of aggression have been associated with impulsive behavior.

&# 171;In the future, we need to focus on infrastructure that can reduce environmental temperatures. This includes buildings with passive cooling systems and urban green spaces that help reduce heat island», — she emphasizes, noting that in the short term the problem can be solved with the help of air conditioners.

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