• 17/07/2024 09:48

The United States delivered an ultimatum to Israel: demands and deadlines were announced

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The US authorities have put forward a new demand to Israel.

This information was reported by Cursorinfo, reports URA-Inform.  

The United States of America requires the Israeli government to provide written guarantees of compliance with international law when using American weapons in the Gaza Strip. Washington also insists on written guarantees to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to this region.

According to information from the source, if Israel does not provide the necessary guarantees by mid-March, the United States is considering the possibility of suspending the supply of military equipment to the country. A White House National Security Council spokesman said Israel is committed to providing assurances on time.

The memorandum's main focus, it is emphasized, is not to establish new standards for military assistance, but to create a transparent and consistent framework for obtaining guarantees of compliance with existing standards.

This was undertaken to ensure the responsible use of American weapons and to ensure that supplied weapons and equipment will not be used in violation of international standards.

Recall earlier it was reported that the US would provide aid to Ukraine: Mike Johnson made a statement after his meeting with Biden.

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