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Turkey gave a new signal to Ukraine and the Russian Federation: the Foreign Minister said what the parties had already achieved

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Turkey expressed the need for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, believing that both sides have reached the limit of what can be achieve by force.

This statement was made by Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, reports URA-Inform.

&# 171;We are convinced that the time has come for an end to the fire in Ukraine. A ceasefire does not mean recognition of the occupation. Apparently, both sides have reached the limit of their military capabilities», — he emphasized.

The minister noted that Turkey considers it necessary to separate the issues of recognition of occupation and sovereignty from the issue of ceasefire.

It should be noted that Turkey takes a neutral position in relation to Russian military actions against Ukraine. Ankara supports Ukraine's sovereignty, but at the same time avoids directly condemning Moscow.

At the beginning of the conflict, negotiations between Ukraine and Russia took place in Istanbul, but they did not lead to significant results.

Turkey also acted as an intermediary in the creation of a «grain corridor» and organizing several prisoner exchanges.

Recall that the Russians are announcing a massive drone attack in Crimea: details from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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