• 23/04/2024 20:36

Ukraine is covered with desert dust: experts spoke about the risks and gave advice

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Dust from the Sahara is arriving in Ukraine, which will temporarily worsen air quality. Experts told the population about the features of this phenomenon and gave important recommendations.

URA-Inform reports this, citing the Ukrhydrometcenter.

According to weather forecasters, desert dust from the Sahara came along with a heat wave from the Western Mediterranean. If yesterday the western regions already felt the impact of the sand cloud, today the African element will reach the central, northern and eastern regions of Ukraine.

This is expected to lead to darkening of the sky and increased air pollution. Scientists recommend closing windows, especially for people with respiratory diseases and children. However, the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center clarifies that this is not a dust storm, since the wind speed does not exceed 12 m/s and does not last more than three hours. Forecasters assure that there is no need to panic and warn about the incorrectness of confusing this slight deterioration in visibility with a dangerous natural phenomenon.

It is worth recalling that there are important changes at the front: Putin learned about three settlements where Ukrainian flags have returned.

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