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Ukrainians should wait for a meeting with the police on memorial days: they know about inspections of cemeteries

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During memorial days, when crowds of people gather in cemeteries, the police will work in enhanced mode, ready to conduct random checks .

The Deputy Head of the Department of Communications of the National Police, Yulia Girdvilis, warned about this during the telethon, reports URA-Inform.

“We expect more than 12 thousand law enforcement officers, ensuring order for more than 9,000 cemeteries all over the country. I would like to emphasize that the decision to visit a cemetery or not remains at the discretion of everyone, but one must remember that these are open spaces with an increased risk, especially at night,” — she emphasized.

The police are also asking people to limit the time they spend in cemeteries and take into account regional restrictions on visiting cemeteries, such as in the Zhytomyr, Donetsk, Kherson and Kharkov regions due to mine danger. Citizens were urged to be vigilant and report suspicious situations or objects to the police.

“Our squads will be actively on duty near cemeteries, and in case of suspicious situations they will react instantly by conducting random checks,” — Girdvilis emphasized.

She also recalled the importance of following air raid signals.

Recall that the Kremlin is preparing special attacks on Ukraine’s allies: it is known about a plan to disrupt assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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