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When will the war in Ukraine end: date predicted in Turkey

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Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidans made a statement about the timing of the end of the war in Ukraine.

About this information was reported by CNN Turk,  reported by URA-Inform.  

He predicted that the war between Russia and Ukraine will end in 2025 and this year will become peaceful for Kiev.

& #171;This year is difficult, we hope for peace in 2025», — he said.

Hakan Fidan stressed that Ankara sees no reason to solve the problem in 2024.

& #171;First of all, we are one of the countries calling for peace in this direction, both on the NATO platform and on the European platform. This war must end now. Our President calls for peace, using all his leadership qualities», — Fidan said.

He said that Russia’s war against Ukraine — has become a war of attrition, with casualties on both sides.

«This maintains the risk of proliferation. This situation worries us. There is a risk of the war spreading throughout the region. Dissemination first begins with language and then moves into action. Europe should be more concerned about the situation in Ukraine than we are», — the minister added.

We recall that it was previously reported where Putin will stop: the dictator’s plans for Ukraine were revealed in Britain.

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