• 19/07/2024 05:48

When will the war in Ukraine end: Johnson named sad deadlines

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Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a conversation with journalist Dmitry Gordon, expressed the opinion that that the war in Ukraine will most likely not end in the near future.

This information was reported by the publication GORDON, reports URA-Inform.

According to Johnson, military actions will not be completed either this year or next. He stressed that the conflict will only end when it becomes clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he stands alone against a force that will not allow Ukraine to be destroyed or humiliated.

Johnson argues that Ukraine has Western support will grow, and they will not allow themselves to be persuaded to make concessions.

He also emphasizes that changes in the situation can only occur when Putin has problems in the annexed Crimea, which could become a catalyst for a quick end to the conflict.

As previously reported, Zelensky made a special proposal to the Balkans: what the President of Ukraine wants to create.

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