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Why a person does not remember early childhood: scientists have explained what this is connected with

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Most people have no memory of their childhood – no memories until at least the age of three.

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And the reason is not that time erases memories. Science has presented several theories that explain this phenomenon.

Firstly, our brain is not yet fully developed at this time, so the ability to remember events is limited. Secondly, events of early years may be forgotten due to childhood amnesia — the natural and gradual loss of memories over the first few years of life.

How people remember their childhood

For most people, memories from 3 to 4 years are normal. The rest are erased by infantile amnesia, which occurs in connection with the processes of brain formation. Therefore, memories can be confused, overlapping, which makes them difficult to preserve.

According to another version, a person does not remember anything from childhood due to the fact that the events occurring in those years are the same. But after a child starts attending kindergarten and his social circle changes, so does his lifestyle.

Moreover, scientists have found that 6-month-old babies remember certain actions within 24 hours. After two days the information is forgotten. Infants aged 9 months retain information for one month, and 20-month-olds for about a year.

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