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Will subpoenas be sent to the e-office: the Ministry of Defense made a confession

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The law on the digital office for military personnel, signed by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on April 2, does not contain any provisions on the transmission of subpoenas through electronic system.

This information was reported by the RBC-Ukraine publication, reports URA-Inform.

The above-mentioned confirmation was given by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Katerina Chernogorenko, during the telethon .

«According to this law, which was approved, there is currently not a single clause on the electronic delivery of subpoenas», &#8212 ; Chernogorenko noted.

She explained that the digital account for those liable for military service is intended exclusively for updating personal data. It is known that the President of Ukraine signed this law on April 2, although the law itself was adopted back in January of this year.

As Chernogorenko explained earlier, at the first stage of the implementation of this digital account, conscripts will be given the opportunity to update their personal data in a certain time frame.

After this, the data will be used in the daily work of territorial recruitment and social support centers.

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