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Died two days after the TCC visit: a loud scandal erupted in Khmelnitsky

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TsK employees delivered 41-year-old Andrey Panasyuk to the Khmelnitsky regional military registration and enlistment office. Andrei's named mother said that two days after this the man died in the hospital.

This information was reported by Suspilne, URA-Inform reports.

According to the woman, Andrei could not fight due to illness and did not even serve in the army.

«And here he is , like some kind of criminal, they were tied up, shoved into a car and taken to the TsK, where they mocked and humiliated», — said Natalya.

Andrey’s mother claims that the man went to the store in the morning and did not contact him after that.

«We couldn’t figure out where he had gone because he told his wife that he would be right back. Closer to lunch, Andrei finally picked up the phone and said that he was at the military registration and enlistment office, that they had brought him here and were holding him, not letting him out. He complained that his blood pressure had risen and he felt very bad. He asked for help, but, according to him, they told him that they would help him near Avdeevka,” said the mother of the deceased.

The woman also said that Andrei Panasyuk underwent a military medical examination at the TCC premises. There he was given a referral to be examined by doctors at the cardiology clinic, where they were supposed to give an opinion on the man’s health condition.

«He had to go to the cardiology clinic for the next day, at 09:00, but then he was already in the Khmelnitsky city hospital, where doctors fought for his life», — says Natalya Kushlak.

According to the woman, the man was released from the city TCC at about 16:00 in a pre-stroke condition. None of the military registration and enlistment office workers called an ambulance for Andrey, although the man already had all the signs – loss of coordination of movements and incoherent speech.

«Andrey, by some miracle, was able to get home with a blood pressure of 220/189. And already at home, in front of his wife’s eyes, he simply fell. They called an ambulance, but time was lost – in the ambulance. Andrei fell into a coma,” notes the mother of the deceased.

The woman assured that the doctors of the Khmelnitsky City Hospital fought for the life of her son for two days. Already on the night of March 28, doctors performed an emergency neurosurgical operation, but “the brain lesions turned out to be incompatible with life.” The funeral of Andrei Panasyuk took place on March 31.

How the TCC reacted

On its Facebook page, the Khmelnitsky Regional TCC and SP made an official statement about the death of Andrey Panasyuk. They said that the man was given a summons “to clarify his military registration data and undergo military training”, because he had no grounds for a deferment, and was wanted.

«However, during the course of VLK, the citizen was diagnosed with a disease. Taking this into account, he was sent for further examination to a medical institution», — says the TCC statement.

Representatives of the military registration and enlistment office assure that the deterioration of the man’s health and death occurred already in the medical institution during the pre-examination.

«Consequently, the information that is disseminated on social networks about ignoring citizen complaints about health conditions is not true. As well as about physical influence or threats from the military personnel of the territorial recruitment center,” the TCC added.

We remind you that it was previously reported that the status of partially fit has been cancelled: the people's deputy said what needs to be done.

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