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Go to honeymoon. Just this year, the rules for “determined clauses” are changing

Usi on the medical view. The rules for “exchanged adjectives” have been changing since this time quot;

Just this year, May 4, 2024, the law on ensuring the rights of military personnel to social protection is gaining ground. Sredty vened Vin Vin Skasuvannya with the status of “Established” before the service of the zobov'yazu, pass repeatedly medical comments.

RBK-Ukraina ROZPOVIDENA about innovative. Law 3621-IX and interview with the Director of the Department of Health Protection of the Ministry of Defense Oksana Sukhorukova.


  • What will be the replacement for the status of “exchanged appendage”The new law is often discussed with mobilization. Zokrem, there will no longer be the status of “exchanged appendages.”

    As per the transitional regulations, the citizens of Ukraine are destined to be demarcated before military service until May 4th, for a period of 9 months, a second medical examination is required (actually until end of 2024 ). In order to comply with the new rules, it is important to determine the stench that comes with it.

    Also, in order to comply with the law, it is necessary to cite by-laws. Please wait until the order of the Ministry of Defense No. 402 regarding the Military Medical Commission. While this is not happening, doctors do not have the necessary criteria to determine the level of eligibility.

    As Oksana Sukhorukova, director of the health department of the Ministry of Defense, said in a recent interview with zn.ua, changes to the order began to happen two years ago. Behind these words, you can write down in more detail. Sickness is related to ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision), as well as describes the criteria, if a person is suitable or not, if he or she becomes important, moderate or mild in the group of getting sick.

    On lazy criteria revenge there are thousands of diagnoses. And in the skin group, illness can either be an adjunct or not before service – this is a stage of impaired function.

    “For example, if a person has a history of the disease and has lost a scar – an adjunct. And If the virazka was folded, and the important parts of the boat were promptly handed over to the various parts, then the people are unacceptable,” explained Sukhorukova.

    In fact, there will be five statuses: non-clause and several categories of clauses, depending on the level of functionality.

    Categories of clauses:

    • clauses (overall)
    • clauses before service in the military forces, TCC, security units, installations, organizations (other than before service in the assault forces, marine infantry, special operations forces, special forces, etc.)
    • specifications for other specialties (on butt, candidate for entry until the military day)
    • additional until the end of specific orders

    The law not to place a direct obligation is bounded by the additional requirement of arriving independently at the TCC to pass the commission. This gives the right to the military commissariat to send such military patients for a medical examination. However, it is important to note that on the 18th of May a new law on mobilization comes into force, which requires everyone to update their data to the TCC within 60 days. Apparently, with updated data, you can send a second VLK.

    What will change for military

    It is necessary to have a one-time permit for children, passed by the law “On permits”. Savings of pennies will be a matter of great importance. It is significant that such a release for up to 14 calendar days (without the celebration of holy days and non-working days) is expected no later than three months from the day of the child’s birth.

    In addition, to look after a sick child until the 14th birthday, military personnel are released from service for a period of no more than 14 calendar days. Since there is no need to supervise the child in a hospital hospital, the military is obliged to save a penny of security for the entire hour of stay in the hospital.

    Discharge protection is also prescribed Menations of women. Zokrema, military service members are obliged to prevent violations associated with discrimination behind the official sign, and sexual harassment. And commanders are responsible for organizing and carefully adhering to the principle of ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men.

    As soon as there is celebration behind the cordon, the period of provision of medical services will be affected by non-stop interruptions in the health protection of other countries. Including the time of movement and recovery between the planned stages of treatment, rehabilitation and prosthetics.

    The decision of the Military Medical Commission on the need for trival treatment Another hour of continuous travel behind the cordon can exceed 4 months.

    As Sukhorukova clarified, the law establishes the validity of payment terms when granted leave for treatment regardless of whether it is carried out – in Ukraine or outside the cordon – for up to 12 months (depending on the nature of the illness, that celebration).

    “The passage of the VLK has been predetermined to determine the consumption of the three-year-old Likuvanna – on the fourth month of the Likuvanna. The mechanism for the passage of such a VLK will be described in the changes before order No. 402,” she added.

    A restriction on the expansion of information will also be introduced. For example, it is not possible for military personnel to obtain data from third-party media, the Internet, and other telecommunication networks that allow one to determine the coordinates of military objects, military units, military units, and so on. about the locality of the military services during the Viconn. Or it is possible to identify the nature of the combat missions, forces and abilities received before the conquest.

    Guarantees for the families of military servicemen

    The new law guarantees that from now on, children of military and military servicemen who died or became unknown during the hour of service, and children of reservists (at the time of service in the military reserve), will have their place in kindergartens.

    Size of disposable penny assistance for every death (death) of a military service during the war period cannot be less than 15,000,000 hryvnia.

    What else to change the new law

    The law confirms that one-time assistance for the police which are now installed at the link with the removed Disability (which comes as a result of injury, contusion, trauma or calcification) is the same during the war period. For the immediate participation in the defense of Ukraine, the protection of the population and the interests of the region in connection with the military aggression of Russia. Assistance is granted for a period of 6 months after release from the police.

    It is also specified that a military chaplain cannot be a person who belongs to a religious organization known to part churches, the most important organ of which Russia has. This means that representatives of the UOC to the Moscow Patriarchate cannot become chaplains.

    Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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