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In Finland it is possible to seize cars with Russian license plates: for whom should the blame be filed?

This year, 16 February, Finnish police may seize cars or on Russian numbers. Drivers of cars with Russian license plates are required to confirm their right to borrow the car from Finland.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this via mail to Yle.

It is indicated that the service is in progress without information. ї , how many such transport means are currently found in the country. The director of the department of military control, Sami Rakshit, stated that the department does not systematically monitor the number of Russian cars.

In his words, the police, the border service and the police can now, for example, seize a car from Russia Which numbers should you use to replace them? near the edge. The police and police may charge transport fees for the presence of such stations. Victimization of cars with Russian license plates can be taken by temporary students or people who work under a term of employment contract.

Restriction on entry of cars with Russian license plates

It was previously reported that 13 Spring 2023 Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia voted that after the European Commission clarifies the sanctions, they will no longer allow cars with Russian license plates into their territory.

So, once a car arrives at the cordon with Russian registration of waters and passengers There will be concerns about returning to the Russian Federation, or they can cross the border without a car, which could lead to confiscation.

Recently in Lithuania, the first passenger car with registration marks of the Russian Federation was sealed. The virus can be transmitted to Ukraine. It was also reported that Latvian law enforcement confiscated the first car with Russian registration after the introduction of such a rule in the country.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine nor read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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