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Not just the fighters. The Ministry of Defense has named vacancies in the army for which people are most needed

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has reorganized its plantings, where people are recruiting ing centers. There are currently over 2,000 vacancies available at recruiting centers.

RBC-Ukraine reported this with the request of the senior Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to supply recruitment to Oleksiy Bezhevtsya during the telethon.

“There's no middle ground” , which recruiting centers have been selected from military units, the point of permanent deployment of which is located in the primary region where the center is located,” explains Bezhevets.

At the same time, he noted that another approximately 10,000 rubles Some of the vacancies were posted online immediately parts.

“This is the field of vacancies from which people can select those who are interested. Apparently, from these over 10,000 vacancies, you can select a variety of specific vacancies that are as close as possible to “Home, for the record, for the sake of the people,” – assigning the highest level of respect to the Municipal Educational Institution for Recruiting .

Who has the need

As a supporter of Bezhevets, there is a need for us, in front of the combat units, to immediately take the part of the streamed aggressor in combat operations:

  • water,< /li>
  • mechanics,
  • strilitsi,
  • operators of all types of military equipment,
  • artillery service,
  • UAV operators,
  • combat medics.

” “And not only fighters, but also doctors. There is a special way for medical workers, so that people who want basic education can go to the army themselves to provide medical assistance,” according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Recruitment. p>

In addition, in other words, there are also a large number of vacancies in the army related to logistics, maintenance, and repairs. There are vacancies at the headquarters.

“There are a lot of plantings,” said Bezhevets.

Mobilization to the Ukrainian army

We were recently informed that the Ukrainians can It’s a good idea to mobilize for the army at the TCC that joint venture, or online and in recruiting centers.

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that before any changes in mobilization, Ukrainians should prepare for training.

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