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Now it is extremely important to pay attention to those in need of support – Zelensky

Do not leave people alone with difficulties, the president urged.

Now it is extremely important to pay attention to those in need of support - Zelensky

Vladimir Zelensky

Today Kyiv was attacked by ballistic missiles, houses and the building of the Academy of Arts were damaged. People suffered, everyone received the necessary help. Thank God there were no children at the academy. The clearing of the rubble continued throughout the day.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke about this in his address.

In addition, the situation in Odessa and Nikolaev is difficult after attacks on energy facilities; all necessary services and repair teams were involved. In the afternoon, Odessa was attacked, as a result of which people were injured. The situation is especially difficult in Kharkov, but every day gradually adds energy to the city.

“I am grateful to everyone who works for the city, everyone who cares about people and helps their neighbors. Now it is extremely important to pay attention to those in need of support, and even if people feel uncomfortable asking others for help, please pay attention yourself, support, and do not leave people alone with difficulties,” the president urged.

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Also today there were reports from the military, intelligence, and SBU on how to further reduce Russia’s terrorist potential. There was also a report from the head of foreign intelligence, Litvinenko, about existing threats.

“We all in our state should be grateful to the combat Security Service of Ukraine, which really hits the enemy hard and achieves goals that Ukraine really needs, along with all other elements of the Defense and Security Forces. I am grateful to every soldier of the SBU, everyone in the special service who works really effectively for Ukraine,” the head of state emphasized.

Today Vladimir Zelensky took part in iftar, a special dinner that takes place during the month of Ramadan. Together with representatives of the Ukrainian Muslim community, together with Muslim soldiers, with representatives of the diplomatic corps of the states of the global Muslim society and, of course, with representatives of the Crimean Tatar people.

“Today Putin talked to himself again, and it was broadcast on television again. Blames Ukraine again. A sick and cynical creature. All of him are terrorists, except himself, although he has been feeding on terror for two decades. It is he who is the biggest window for terror. He and his intelligence agencies. And when he is gone, the request for terror and violence will disappear with him, because it is his request. Nothing more,” the President of Ukraine emphasized.


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