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Trump decided to slow down the confiscation of his assets from the criminal investigation

On Monday, February 25, Donald Trump won the fuss about the reduction of judicial decisions in the law about civility not shakhraystvo, which required the politician to contribute over 10 days to the outpost in the amount of 175 million dollars. This is advocating for the State of New York to seize his assets.

RBC-Ukraine reports this as reported to Reuters.

The decision of the appeal court of the Middle Lanka is the final result of the court decision in which it was established that Trump protected his assets in order to defraud investors and creditors.

At the same time, the decision was not made It seems that the appellate court may in the end Pіdsumku praise the decision or look at the essence of the matter. The judges may need to wait until the end or more to praise the decision of their food.

“I am very anxious to see the decision of the appeal court and will immediately contribute 175 million dollars in preparation of either bonds or Other papers, or whatever is best “, Trump told reporters outside the court.

Recently, the Office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, on the civil side, said that Trump “still faces prosecution for his reckless behavior.”

On Monday, the deadline for making a decision has been decided. Nya shodo 454 million dollars, as Trump is unable to pay. Tody James could have asked the court to begin arresting the politician's assets, including the unruly one – booth 40 on Wall Street in Manhattan.

Right about Trump's civil quarrel

In one of the numerous criminal cases against the ex-president of the United States, the judge of the state of New York, Arthur Engoron, established that Trump took up cheating, depending on the varity of indestructibility, from the creation of his Mar-a-Lago pad in Florida, a penthouse in the Manhattan gloomy city “T ramp tower” , as well as various office buildings and golf courses. The trial is focusing on how many penalties a politician can pay.

On 24 February, Yengoron officially called on Trump to pay 454.2 million dollars after he was found guilty of manipulating power capital. An extreme term for making decisions on the 25th of February. Half -like, by handing an appeal to Tsennnya.

Trump, saying about the unpaid to all fed for the same, to the same, Yaku wound, they wilted with a blanket of the pre -mines of the pre -Opomogti to scream Necokholid Vidatka.

15 The court's review of the ex-president's criminal investigation was suspended for 30 days. The hearing was scheduled for March 25th, but now will not be held until the end of the holiday.

Regalom, 91 criminal charges have been filed against Donald Trump for a number of right-wingers. Zokrema, please pay 130 thousand dollars to the porn actor Stormy Daniel, try to collect the results of the 2020 presidential elections to the rock that illegally disposed of secret information after losing the presidency, and also different.

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