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“Offensive” on Kharkov, front, mobilization and rotation: head from Sirsky’s interview

Head of ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky in a new interview, talking about the need for a mobile phone prices 500 thousand military Sutteva has changed. He also spoke about the situation at the front and stated that at the time of the onset, Kharkiv would become a “fatal place” for Russians.

RBC-Ukraine in the material collected a few headaches from an interview with the head of Ukrinform.

“The number of positions we have turned outweighs the number of expenses”

Golovkom knows that the situation at the front is very complicated. But now he explains – at the front, he is not the same.

“Although we are not only standing on the defensive, but every day, on various directions, we push ourselves forward. In addition, the number of positions we have turned is outweighed by the number there are expenses “The enemy did not dare to poke his head into strategic directions, but his territorial gains, as they are, are of more tactical importance. We control this situation,” Sirsky said.

In his words, the current situation on direct lines will become tense, the occupiers will increase their strength and loom a numerical superiority in the special warehouse, and also continue to stagnate the tactics of mass assaults, at a significant cost.

Sirsky also emphasized that the air force has significantly increased its activity, stagnating KABI – armored air bombs and “crying” with mortars and artillery. Zokrema, just a few days ago, the enemy’s turnaround in terms of released ammunition became close to 6:1. Ale, in his words, immediately in the small villages the front managed to stabilize the situation with artillery, and this immediately affected the situation as a whole. In this case, our fighters have an advantage in the effective stagnation of drones.

“The enemy is continuing offensive operations on a wide front, trying to enter the cordons of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, at any price, to push us on the left bank of the Dnieper near the Zaporizia region,” – even Sirsky.

< p>The strategy of the Ukrainian wars, according to the commander-in-chief, is to not allow one’s territory to be wasted, to expose the enemy as much as possible, to inflict the greatest possible losses on him, to form and prepare reserves for carrying out offensive operations.

About Zaluzhny’s resignation

For food, s What was the reason for the dismissal of Valery Zaluzhny from the imprisonment of the head commander of the ZSU, Sirsky did not directly confirm, but rather respected: “The military has one obligation – we do not discuss punishments, we impose them.”

“Also, the President of the Territory, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, had reasons for such a replacement, especially during the active phase of the war, – which means that these reasons are the same. We worked with Valery Fedorovich shoulder-to-shoulder at the most important hour at the beginning of the Russian large-scale invaded, but back before. We fought as one team. I wish you success in a new and even more important planting,” Sirsky added.

About rotations

According to Sirsky, today the process of rotation of military units on the front line has already begun. We have noted that this allows us to fully restore military productivity not only with technology, but also before we ensure the continuation and renewal of military services.

“To ensure this process, we need people. I would like to have a military personnel in Ukraine having realized: it is his will to stand still so that Ukraine can stand,” the head stated.

With this he reinforces, the Ukrainians will continue to go to defend their country, standing still, turning around from behind the cordon.

“We have a lot of volunteers, but it’s not too much. I’m not saying that there are no problems, but I’m saying that we are doing everything we can to untie them,” says Sirsky.

About the mobilization of 500 thousand people Ib : “the figure has essentially been changed”

The Chief Commander of the ZSU also commented on the statement made earlier by President Volodymyr Zelensky about the need to mobilize close to 450-500 thousand people before the Ukrainian Defense Forces. In my words, after reviewing internal resources and clarifying the combat inventory of the Armed Forces, this figure was completely changed.

“We are clear that we will have enough people who will be able to take over Batkivshchyna. There will be no less about mobilization, but also about volunteers. We need to remember that people are not robots. The stinks are emerging, physically and psychologically, especially in the minds of combatants. th” , – like Syrian.

Information, as the head, the General Staff reviews the number of military units that do not take part in combat operations, on the basis of auditing their activities. What made it possible to liberate thousands of military servicemen and direct them to combat units.

About the exit from Avdiivka

The commander-in-chief also explained why the ZSU had the opportunity to withdraw its forces from Avdiivka, Donetsk region.

“Because there was a significant superiority in the strength and capabilities of the assault squadrons. Through the gradual bombardment of ceramic aircraft bombs, the integrity of our defense was destroyed, which allowed the enemy to step forward. was due to the lack of ammunition for our artillery, which did not help such minds to conduct an effective counter-battery fight. Also, in order to avoid sharpness and save the lives of people, I praise the decision to leave Avdiivka,” Sirsky said.

In his words, 25 Ukrainian military servicemen were involved in these battles trapped at the Russian full

“It is also worth remembering that the attack on Avdiivka will result in significant expenses for the enemy, and this is unlikely to be reported on “Russian” television. Only during the period from 10 June 2023 to 17 February 2024 on Avdiivka Russian zagarbniks spent on everyone directly: 47,186 special warehouses, 364 tanks, 748 armored combat vehicles, 248 artillery systems, 5 aircraft.The defense forces of Ukraine at the beginning of the Avdiiv defense operation, which were directly taken from a total of 95 Russian occupiers “, Sirsky adds.

Chi is a threat for Kharkov?

Statements of the occupiers and low information in the comments about those that the Russian Federation may never again try to take Kharkov, Sirsky comments like this – it is not possible to ignore any information about the preparation of the enemy before offensive operations. If Russia dares to commit such a short term, then it will fatal for her.

“Today, a large complex of work is being carried out from the fortification of the possession of the territory and position, a comprehensive fencing system is being installed, and planning is being carried out for the stagnation of our troops in case of such actions. military operations in the Kharkiv region, “We were given the opportunity to “break through” the enemy and liberate a significant part of the Kharkiv region. This would result in a large-scale collapse of the Russian front. As soon as the Russians destroy there again, Kharkiv will become a fatal place for them,” he said.

About the marriage of armor and ammunition

Sirsky also expressed respect in the interview that Ukraine could have achieved greater success on the front if the Allies had given all the necessary equipment. There is still a lot of fuss about the Kharkov offensive, but there are no resources left.

In addition, he explains, the lack of the necessary quantity of armor and ammunition allowed the Russians to dig deep into the ground in Ukraine, near the Zaporizhzhya region, and storm these positions, without effect And encouragement from the wind, giving us human waste and technology waste. The last drop is Avdiivka.

“We would certainly have saved these positions for the obvious fact that we have a sufficient number of firepower and artillery shells,” emphasizes Sirsky.

It shows that the Defense Forces are now at a standstill along the entire great front line, in fact due to a shortage of armor and ammunition. In my opinion, in these minds the transition to strategic defense and logical decisions. It is believed that a “shell famine” can occur if the allies help Ukraine in the obligations that they undertake.

“Also, it is logical and converse: as Zakhid states, he will supply Ukraine with everything that its armored forces require, so that I can throw up an enemy, no matter how many people Russia mobilizes, and decide to end this war military victory over the enemy,” adds the commander.

It is remembered that on the 8th of 2024, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky recognized Colonel-General Oleksandr Sirsky as the new commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. How long has Valery Zaluzhny taken hold of this posad? In addition, significant personnel changes were also carried out in the General Staff of the ZSU.

Commenting on such changes, the president explained that “a different approach is required, apart from rotation, a different approach to management front, another approach to mobilization and recruiting “. It was reported that a new management team has started working on the ZSU.

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