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Preventing disruptions to the power system without mitigating the remaining attack

The Ministry of Energy named the sum of surpluses from the military operations of the Russians without solving the remaining attack.

About the CENTER, said the intercessor of the ENERGETICA, SVITLANA GRINCHUK, the RBC-Ukrainian RBC to Efir Marafon. >“We actively worked with the Light Bank, which carried out a global investigation of the energy supply as a result of the attacks. And in the hour of war, without the last attack, there was a total of 11.5 billion dollars. I think this last attack is also assessed be great sums, perhaps billions of dollars, “There were a lot of riots,” said Grinchuk.

According to the defender, the Russian attack on February 22 was one of the largest in the war.

“Yesterday's (22nd February – editor's note) attack was one of the largest since the beginning of the war. A large number of facilities were attacked and damaged throughout the territory of Ukraine. These are generation facilities and system facilities subdivision, power transmission systems. “Nearly a million people are without electricity,” said the intercessor of the minister.

The situation is complicated, according to Grinchuk, in the Kharkiv region. There may be daily outages to stabilize electricity.

“In the Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, where the threat was even greater, it is impossible to quickly restore electricity. removal of debris, assessment of the possibility of repair, replacement of equipment, it is believed that the equipment is in possession of “The whole of Ukraine and its partners are being treated at the same time,” said the intercessor of the minister.

Attacks of Russians on the energy system of Ukraine

We previously wrote that energy workers spoke about the situation with energy security in the Odessa region i.

President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukraine is still facing attacks on the energy system, and in some communities there are emergency power outage schedules.

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