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Russia is forming reserves to support ongoing operations, but not for the offensive, – ISW

The Russian army is forming reserves to support ongoing military operations in Ukraine i. However, this connection cannot be compared to large-scale offensive operations.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in its communications to the Institute of Foreign War (ISW).

It is understood that the Russian and the military began recruiting a special warehouse for children of the recently created Leningrad Military District (LVO).

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain announced that the 44th Army Corps of the Leningrad Military District began recruiting from Luzia, Leningrad region.

The Ministry guessed that the Kremlin had previously received new buildings to carry out the operation in Ukraine. They added that Russia’s need to continue operations in Ukraine is beyond the broader efforts of forming regular Armed Forces. This confirms the long-standing assessment of the Institute of the war to the ongoing Russian military reforms.

“According to ISW data, Russia is forming reserves that will support ongoing operations in Ukraine. However, such reserves are unlikely to be able to function as a large-scale united force for an offensive in 2024,” according to the report. t.

Threat of attack on Kharkov < p>Recently, Russian serpents received information that the killers are planning an operation with a clear and potential occupation of Kharkov. With this method, the Russian Federation is preparing to carry out the recruited mobilization.

Natomist Misky head Igor Terekhov called information from the Russian Federation about the preparation of the recruited mobility for the purpose of Kharkov's witch's witch ІПСО.

The fierce chief of press service of the operational-strategic grouping of the military “Khortytsia” Illa Єvlashov about those that the formation of a strong grouping of Russians for a repeated attack on Kharkov has not been recorded.

The ISW confirmed that Russia is not preparing an operation from the edge of Kharkov.

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