• 12/06/2024 12:40

The NBU assessed the costs of exporters and importers due to the blocking of the entry border of Ukraine

Blocking of Ukraine's entry cordons by protesters in the fall of 2023 was due to a decrease in flow and in the export and import of goods. At the same time, the flow of goods was quickly directed through other routes.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this from the reports on the “Inflationary Sign” of the National Bank of Ukraine (since 2024).

The maximum negative effect is seen. such boundaries falling on the falling leaves 2023. According to NBU estimates, direct costs amounted to approximately 160 million dollars for the export of goods and 500 million dollars for imports.

“However, the reorientation of trade flows to other types of transport and routes, including the maritime corridor, has been achieved I can completely reduce spending for exports and often for imports,” is something to be looked at.

In addition, in the middle of today there was talk about the blocking of the cordon by Polish protesters, which would reduce the costs of imports in Sichny to 150-200 million to lariv, is indicated in the review.

The NBU is aware that, besides the border on the side of the edges, they will try to get along with the fierce birch, and then get stuck. The cost of imports during this period will amount to 100 million dollars.

Blockade of the Polish border

It seems that Polish carriers from the beginning of leaf fall in 2023 to the middle of 2024 carried out a blockade of many checkpoints on cordons with Ukraine, it is imperative to establish discriminatory entry points until Ukrainian colleagues to the decision of the European Commission.

The blockade of the cordon could not but appear in the Duma. In 2024, less than half of Ukrainians maintain a positive outlook compared to the Poles.

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