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The Russian Federation and Belarus do not ask for memorials to go to Khirosimi, otherwise they were looking for an alternative, – ZMI

The administration of the city of Hiroshima in Japan does not request Russia and Belarus to 'When this fate comes, That's why these countries need to send letters with messages.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via messages on The Asahi Shimbun.

It appears that delegations from the Russian Federation and Belarus have managed to miss the third 'yatni enter Khirosima and the reason for this is the war in Ukraine.

“The situation has not changed since the last financial rock, and we decided to react to it the same way,” the official said. Ilorus, in which It will be stated that the administration “looks forward to the day when you can deliver Hiroshima after the war is over.”

Atomic bombing of Hiroshimi and Nagasaki

Two culprits in the history of mankind include the battle stagnation of a nuclear warhead. Conducted by US forces at the final stage of the Other Light War against Japan.

After two massacres, 80 thousand people died, by the end of 1945 the number of dead was unknown, including cancer and cancer, increased from 90 to 166 thousands of people in Hiroshima and 60 to 80 thousand people in Nagasaki. After which Japan signed a capitulation, which allowed the Second World War to end.

Japan supports Ukraine and condemns Russia

Japan condemned Russia at the beginning of the war in Ukraine She introduced a low sanction against her. Tokyo is also giving encouragement to Kiev, and there is no talk of a new order.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida recently announced that the country had decided to change its defense posture. This happened against the backdrop of the Russian war against Ukraine.

The Japanese government also recently prohibited the export of low goods to Russia, suppressing its valuable industrial base.

Terms and important information about Russia is against Read about Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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