• 26/05/2024 07:42

The share of own production is constantly growing. Already this month, the industry is issuing 10 “Bogdan” for the first time,” Zelensky.

The head of state noted that long-term contracts with enterprises make it possible to recruit people and attract investments.

Part of our own production is constantly growing&ld; Zelensky

President Vladimir Zelensky based on the results of the daily report on the security situation in Ukraine reported an increase in the share of its own production.

“The share of our own production is constantly growing. The state enters into serious, long-term contracts with our enterprises that provide predictability, the ability to recruit people and attract investment. Already this month, our industry is publishing 10 Bogdan books for the first time, and even more in May and beyond,” the president said.

The president also heard a report from Commander-in-Chief Syrsky regarding the current situation on the battlefield and the results of the attack on Russian targets in Crimea: “We are still waiting for final data, but it is already clear that the invaders suffered painful losses.”

Cotton in Dzhankoy: GUR named the list of destroyed enemy targets

In addition, the head of state said that, behind intelligence reports ,after our actions in the Black Sea, Russia is moving ships, including carriers of “calibers,” to the Caspian.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported to the president on the completion of the search and rescue operation in Chernigov and the elimination of the consequences of night shelling by drones.

It was also important to discuss methods of combating Russian propaganda television signals in border regions: “It’s a difficult technical task, but there are our own developments that can cope with it.”


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