• 25/04/2024 11:16

Ukrainian cybers congratulated the Russians on the Day of Military Topographer of the Russian Federation, breaking the websites of 5 companies helping the occupiers

Hackers hacked the websites of the companies TD Optron, Remsnab-tractor, EnergoArm, StroyDorMash and PF Standard.

Such an image was installed on the start pages of enemy resources

Today, February 8, Ukrainian military hacktivists held an action for the day of military topographer of the Russian Federation, reports ArmyInform with reference to the military cybers themselves.

Five company websites were hit, including TD Optron, which produces semiconductors for the Russian military-industrial complex, as well as Remsnab-Traktor, EnergoArm, the Cheboksary plant StroyDorMash and PF Standard “, which, according to the military, are engaged in the repair of military and engineering equipment for the Russian army.

According to the message, information from the company's systems is being studied by relevant specialists.

The cybercriminals left a reminder on the companies' home pages – “400 thousand Russian military personnel are forever lost in Ukraine” and a call on Russians to refuse to participate in aggression against Ukraine and to convince loved ones not to take up arms.

Recall that recently the Main Intelligence Directorate carried out a cyber attack on enemy servers where it is stored drone control program. On February 8, the enemy complains about a massive failure of this program.


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