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The Defense Forces reported on Russia’s actions in the Kupyansk direction: what plan does the enemy want to implement?

ByJohn Newman

Feb 10, 2024

As of today, the situation in the Kupyansk direction remains very tense. Enemy forces continue to carry out assault operations near Sinkovka with the aim of capturing the village. In order to make up for its own losses, the Russian command is using its own reserves.

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The Defense Forces reported on Russia's actions in the Kupyansk direction: what plan does the enemy want to implement

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As NBN reports with reference to Interfax-Ukraine, the head of the press service of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ilya Yevlash informed about this.

Verbatim from Yevlash’s statement, voiced during the broadcast of the national telethon on Saturday:

Enemy forces actively continue to transfer their own reserves to replace the lost ones in this direction and is trying to go on the attack near Sinkovka, with the goal of further passage in the direction of Kupyansk in order to block it.

He also added that enemy forces have to make up for losses instead of strengthening the group due to quite large enemy losses in that direction, which “several times exceed the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

Finally, Yevlash said that fortifications and the manifestation of the tactical skill of the commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces give an advantage over the invaders.

Let us remind you , we previously wrote about the offensive of the invaders on Kupyansk.


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