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A logical, fair and professional decision – Zelensky appreciated the withdrawal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Avdiivka

ByJohn Newman

Feb 18, 2024

On the night of February 17, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Alexander Syrsky, informed that the defenders managed to leave Avdiivka, which made it possible to prevent operational encirclement by Putin’s army, and now the Ukrainian leader has commented on this decision.

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The fact that the exit from the specified city is an adequate order given by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and which saved the lives of military personnel, writes NBN, referring to the statement of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, made during the Munich Conference, and posted by the YouTube channel Deutsche Welle.

According to Zelensky, this withdrawal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the city is “an absolutely logical, fair and professional decision,” which opened up the opportunity to save our people, which is a key task for Ukraine. In particular, the lives of “our soldiers” are protected, since, first of all, the military is protecting Ukrainians from further invasion by Putin’s army.

The President of our country emphasized that Ukraine is able to defeat the Russian Federation, since Now the success of the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is limited only by the range and the number of weapons, however, “this does not depend only on us.” In particular, the situation in Avdeevka “confirms this”: maintaining an artificial shortage of artillery and long-range weapons in Ukraine allows Putin to more actively adapt to the intensity of the war.

Zelensky emphasized:

Depletion of their army [the ratio of losses of defenders and occupiers in the city is 1 to 7], I believe that our military is constantly performing this task. Next will be restoration, we will wait for weapons, which are in short supply.

Earlier we wrote that ISW explained why it would be difficult for the invaders to storm the positions of the defenders west of Avdiivka.


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