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Borrell explained the importance of Ukraine receiving air defense from the EU, criticizing US “domestic politics”

ByJohn Newman

Apr 18, 2024

On April 13, the President of our country, Vladimir Zelensky, reported that Germany would soon send to Ukraine an additional Patriot air defense/missile defense system and ammunition for previously received air defense systems, but such support was actually ignored by other EU states.

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O&nbsp ;that, according to the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, all European countries are obliged to provide Kyiv with their own systems described above to strengthen Ukrainian defense of the sky, writes NBN, citing Reuters material.

According to Borrell, the European Union has a sufficient number of both Patriot and identical anti-missile systems. All these weapons just need to be “taken away from our barracks,” where they remain idle “just in case.” In particular, air defense/missile defense should be promptly sent to Ukraine, where the war continues unabated.

The EU's top diplomat stressed that in the opposite situation, Ukraine's energy system will be completely destroyed by incessant Russian attacks. In addition, not a single state on the planet will be able to fight “without having electricity at home, in factories, on the Internet, in everything.”

Separately, Borrell added that he regrets , and also condemns American “domestic politics”, as a result of which the aid package for Ukraine has been delayed for quite a long time.

We previously wrote that Borrell reproached the West for its reluctance to transfer 7 Patriot systems to Ukraine .


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