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The media learned the scale of the reduction in Russian diesel fuel exports due to attacks on oil refineries

ByJohn Newman

Apr 18, 2024

Not long ago, the International Energy Agency (IEA) supported Washington’s position that attacks by Ukrainian kamikaze drones on Russian oil refineries (refineries) appear to destabilize the situation in the global oil products market, provoking price rise.

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The media learned the scale of the reduction in diesel fuel exports in the Russian Federation due to attacks on oil refineries

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About the fact that the dynamics of Russian exports of diesel fuel have not stopped declining over the past few weeks, and this is certainly caused by successful UAV strikes on the oil refineries of a terrorist state, writes “NBN”, referring to material from Bloomberg.

In in particular, according to statistical data from the analytical company Kpler, it is possible to understand earlier, until 13 April (within a decade), the volumes of supplies of Russian of diesel fuel averaged 0.74 million barrels/day, which is approximately 25 percent less when compared with identical figures at the same time of year from 2019 to 2023 ;year.

In addition, taking into account the drop in oil refining rates, which recently dropped to an 11-month low, there is a high degree of probability that the Russian Federation may be forced to redirect all crude ” black gold,” which its factories will not be able to distill in a timely manner, but will already be on the export market.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Kuleba called the condition under which Ukraine would consider refusing strikes for Russian refineries.


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