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Experts have named errors that quietly “destroy” the batteries of smartphones and tablets

ByJohn Newman

May 7, 2024

Not only draining the device’s battery to zero can cause a smartphone/tablet to fail, but also several other factors.

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Experts called errors that silently “destroy” batteries smartphones and tablets

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About the fact that in reality, when a smartphone/tablet is fully discharged, the period battery life decreases from 1 to 5 percent, although after charging the “gadgets” show 100 percent full energy, NBN writes, citing the iTECHua material.

In particular , one of the additional errors that further drains the battery is an attempt to turn on the device when it is completely discharged, which worsens the condition of the battery. Thus, you should leave smartphones/tablets to charge and “start” them only after some time (at least 10 minutes), giving up “games” in applications.

In addition, It is necessary to put smartphones/tablets on charge when the battery charge level is within 15-20 percent, and also, according to experts, it is best to replenish “devices” only up to 80 percent, and not 100 percent—this will extend the battery life.

It’s worth adding: if devices discharge faster, overheat, or take longer to charge, this indicates one thing—the battery is nearing the end of its service life.

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