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Galushchenko reported on the consequences of Russian night strikes on energy facilities in several regions of Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Apr 27, 2024

Today, the DTEK group of companies has already informed that 4 thermal power plants are temporarily out of service, and the Energy Department of Ukraine has supplemented this information.

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Galushchenko reported on the consequences of night strikes by the Russian Federation on energy facilities in several regions Ukraine

Photo – facebook.com/german.galushchenko

About the fact that on the night of this Saturday, 27 In April, the Russian occupation forces again massively shelled energy facilities in a number of regions of the country, NBN writes, citing an explanation published on the official Facebook account of the head of the Ministry of Energy German Galushchenko.

By  According to the head of the energy department of Ukraine, the army of the terrorist state carried out a series of attacks on energy facilities located in the Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions. As a result of these attacks, damage to equipment was recorded, and one of the power engineers was also injured—the shift supervisor received a concussion.

At this stage, the consequences of the above attacks are being clarified, and the relevant services are not stopping work on them. ;liquidation.

We previously wrote about how Duda commented on the provocations of the Russian Federation with missiles in Polish airspace on April 26.


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